PRINCE_AZRAK's Summer Stars 2012 PlayStation Trophies

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Impressive collection
Win all the Trophies in Summer Stars 2012.

Gold collector
Obtain a gold medal in each discipline (single player, normal).

What's next?
Win a gold medal in each event of a career.

Advanced athlete
Qualify for the Champion League (career).

Bigger than Ben
Accumulate a jumping height of 9630cm in a career (Pole Vault, High Jump).

Jack of all trades
Buy all skills and fully upgrade each in a career.

Junior Champion
Obtain gold in each event of the Junior League (career).

Level 35
Reach Level 35 with your team in a career.

Level 50
Reach Level 50 with your team in a career.

Run like hell
Run a total of 6666 meters in the career.

Win all special challenges in a career.

Who's the boss?
Win all One On Ones in a career.

World Tour Finals
Win the World Tour Finals (career).

You must be cheating!
Break the world record 3 times in the same discipline (single player, normal).

A warm welcome
Start the game.

Win at trampolining without making use of intermediate jumps (single player, normal).

Awesome angle
Attain a perfect angle 3 times in a row in a Javelin event (single player, normal).

Changed my mind
400m Sprint: Achieve best intermediate time but finish in 4th place (single player, normal).

Close call
At Fencing, score a point on a simultaneous attack (single player, normal).

Win a Fencing bout after trailing at least 5:9 points (single player, normal).

Cool running
Win a 100m sprint with a Jamaican team and beat the world record (single player, normal).

Down to earth
Crash 3 times in a mountainbike race and still win (single player, normal).

Enjoy the silence
"Calm down" the commentator.

Firm in the saddle
Win a mountainbike race without crashing (single player, normal).

First insight
Complete the interactive tutorial in any discipline (single player).

First steps
Win your first gold medal and buy your first skill in a career.

Flawless victory
Win a Fencing bout without getting hit (single player, normal).

Level up 7 skills to level 3 in a career.

Go Pro
Qualify for the Pro League (career).

Head in the clouds
Trampolining: Achieve perfect timing for each of the first 5 jumps (single player, normal).

Level 20
Reach Level 20 with your team in a career.

Level 5
Reach Level 5 with your team in a career.

One at a time
Buy one skill for each sport in a career.

Pearl Cup
Win the Pearl Cup (career).

Perfect performance I
Swimming: Perform a perfect start, turn and finish within one race (single player, normal).

Perfect performance II
Triple Jump: Achieve perfect hop, step, jump and posture within 1 attempt (single player, normal).

Perfect performance III
High Jump: Run up with perfect steps only and maintain a perfect posture within 1 attempt (normal).

Win a mountainbike race without performing tricks (single player, normal).

Buy 30 different skills in a career.

Hit the bullseye 8 times in a single Archery event (single player, normal).

Buy all skills for any sport in a career.

Terrific timing
Throw with perfect timing 3 times in a row in any Throwing event (single player, normal).

Tough luck
Hurdles: Be 1st before the last hurdle, crash into only this last one and lose (single player).

Tour de force
Get awarded with 5 rewards at once (single player, normal).

Trick cyclist
Mountain Biking: Combine an advanced trick with another trick during 1 jump and land(single player).

Ultimate understanding
Complete the interactive tutorial in each discipline (single player).

Perform all basic tricks and tweaks within one mountainbike race (single player).

Warm up
Level up 1 skill to level 3 in a career.

Wheel on fire
Perform a perfect start at Mountain Biking (single player).

You rule the world!
Set up a new world record in each discipline (single player, normal).