d3m0n_cl0n3's Dirt: Showdown PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
Achieve all other Trophies

Complete the Showdown Tour and win Gold in every event

Max Power
Fully upgrade all vehicles

Checkpoint King
Win a Speed Skirmish event

Complete 100% of the Battersea Compound Missions

Complete all Joyride Missions in both locations

Complete 100% of the Yokohama Compound Missions

Achieve a podium in the Legend final

Rising Star
Reach Fanbase Level 20 Online

Running the Show
Dominate a Friend in Challenge mode

Showdown Superstar
Reach Fanbase Level 30 Online

Complete the Showdown Tour with at least a Silver in every event

Achieve a 5x Wrecking Streak in Rampage

You've Created a Monster
Fully upgrade a vehicle

Achieve a podium in the AllStar final

Complete a clean run in a Head 2 Head event

Beat it!
Accept and beat a Friend's Challenge

Complete a Splitscreen event

Complete the Showdown Tour with at least a Bronze in every event

Burst the Bubble
Be in 1st place during each elimination period in an Eliminator event

Achieve a podium in the Champion final

Comeback King
Be in last place and then earn a podium during double points in a Rampage event in the Showdown Tour

Crash-Bang-Wallop - What a Video
View a Crashback replay

Wreck your first opponent in a Rampage event

Dock Worker
Complete 50% of the Yokohama Compound Missions

Don't Push Me
Get the First Blood bonus in a Knock Out event

Ego Boost
Win a Race-Off event without boosting

Hard Charger
Use a full tank of boost in one go without crashing in a Race-Off event

Achieve all hit types in Rampage

Household Name
Reach Fanbase Level 10 Online

Win a Smash Hunter event

Jack of All Trades
Complete a Race-Off,  Rampage and Head 2 Head Event

London Calling
Complete 50% of the Battersea Compound Missions

Loot Carrier
Hold the loot for 2 minutes in Smash & Grab

Mixed Grill
Pull off an Insane T-Bone in Rampage

Mmmm Donuts!
Complete the Donut King Mission in the Yokohama Construction Site area

Money Maker
Earn a total of $1,000,000

No Turning Back
Send a Challenge to a Friend

Achieve a podium in the Pro final

Rust in Pieces
Wreck 20 vehicles in the Lafayette Eulogy

Showdown Haulage Co.
Drop the Flag off 5 times in a round of Transporter

Showdown Showroom
Own every vehicle in the game

Showdown Tour
Complete a Showdown Tour event in each location

Stylin' and Profilin'
Score 300,000 points in a Trick Rush event in the Showdown Tour

Survive for at least 2 minutes in a Hard Target event

Team Awesome
Win an Online team event

Treasure Hunter
Collect all 100 Hidden Packages in Joyride

Welcome to the Show
Complete your first Showdown Tour event

Zero to Hero
Dominate all sectors during the final lap in a round of a Domination event