Shuklar's Rainbow Moon PlayStation Trophies

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Official Rainbow Moon Hero
Obtain all other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.

Dimension Traveler
Rebuild and obtain the Magic Portal Staff and defeat Namoris for the last time to gain unlimited warp access to the portal.

Level God
Reach level 500 with any of your main characters.

Bulls Eye
Win two 'Class-S' prizes in the lottery.

Everlasting Perfectionist
Accumulate 100 hours of play time.

Extreme Crafter
Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 250 times.

Half a Millionaire
Accumulate 500,000 Rainbow Coins in your inventory.

Level Master
Reach level 250 with any of your main characters.

Level Up
Level up any of your active skills to level 50 or higher.

Make Friends
Acquire all six main characters.

Acquire and learn all available skills for any of your main characters. (The skill level doesn't matter)

Bathe in the Well
Use any recovery well at least 15 times.

Bear Up!
Accumulate 40 hours of play time.

Use the camp at least 25 times.

Charged Magnet Coil
Obtain the Charged Magnet Coil artifact.

Compulsive Hoarder
Obtain at least 100 hidden treasure items.

Crafting Novice
Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 10 times.

Crystal Clasp
Obtain the Crystal Clasp artifact.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!
Lose three battles.

Acquire Dozeru.

Ethereal Spike
Obtain the Ethereal Spike artifact.

First Victory
Win your first battle on Rainbow Moon.

Forgotten Island
Discover and enter the Forgotten Island, an optional area on Rainbow Moon.

Fused Twilight Gem
Obtain the Fused Twilight Gem artifact.

Gambling Expert
Win five 'Class-A' prizes in the lottery.

Acquire Gorodo.

Hit and Run Fighter
Win 50 or more random encounter battles.

Level Fan
Reach level 100 with any of your main characters.

Limwar's House
Discover and enter Limwar's House, an optional dungeon in the Green Shimmer Forest.

Lucky One
Win 10 prizes in the lottery.

Magic Socket
Obtain the Magic Socket artifact.

Mojo of Tears
Obtain the Mojo of Tears.

Mojo of Torture
Obtain the Mojo of Torture.

Mojo of Trust
Obtain the Mojo of Trust.

Monster Cutter
Create 100 new monsters by tiling existing monsters with the killing stroke.

Monster Farmer
Kill at least 300 of the same type of monster.

Murky Basement
Discover and enter the Murky Basement, an optional dungeon in Burning Steppe.

Noble Tourist
Stay overnight at the tavern 10 times.

Ocher Stone Swamp
Discover and enter the Ocher Stone Swamp, an optional area on Rainbow Moon.

Orb of Delusion
Obtain the Orb of Delusion artifact.

Passive Skill Fan
Learn at least 10 different passive skills with any of your main characters.

Pro Crafter
Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 50 times.

Rainbow Pearl Collector
Accumulate 200 Rainbow Pearls with any character before spending them at the savant.

Accumulate 2,500 Rainbow Coins in your inventory.

Sarrothrod's Rescuer
Help Sarrothrod in the Southport Mines to escape from the dungeon and return to Cassar Village.

Scaredy Cat
Escape 30 times from a battle using the escape option.

Acquire Serena.

Side Quest Master
Complete 40 side quests or more.

Acquire Trisha.

Twisted Pole
Obtain the Twisted Pole artifact.

Discover and enter the Warehouse, an optional dungeon in Taswan.

Well Boss Killer
Defeat the monster that lives in the well in Cassar Village and get back to Stella.

Well Explorer
Discover and use all wells on Rainbow Moon.