Spy Hunter PlayStation Trophy List

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Exemplary service
Acquire all Trophies.

Cold blooded
Destroy the entire convoy in the mission "Rogue" in under sixty seconds.

Consummate professional
Get Spy Hunter pro status on every mission.

Dolla dolla bills y'all
Earn over 150,000 Research Points.

Not a scratch
Complete a whole mission without suffering the loss of a single reactor core.

Suited and booted
Equip four fully upgraded weapons in one load-out.

Unmanned Aerial Venom
Destroy fifty enemies using the UAV in a single play-through of the mission "Eye in the Sky".

What countdown?
In the mission "Nuclear Fallout" defuse all bombs in under forty seconds.

Easy rider
Travel 150km

Float like a really heavy butterfly
Travel 5 kilometres in the air.

Got your number
Get Intel on all enemy vehicles.

Hard love
Complete any mission using only the 50 cal cannon.

Not so clever now!
Foil the plan of the secretive ghost voice (complete all missions).

Make it through a mission only using the shocker weapon.

Sting like a metal bee
Destroy five enemies by luring them into stinger road surface traps.

Where is this guy?!
Spend two minutes invisible during a single mission using the cloaking device.

Conscientious objector
Complete a mission without firing any weapons.

Didn't expect that to happen...
Complete the Training mission.

Fire starter
Destroy ten enemies with the flame thrower during a single mission.

I'm on a boat
Travel 20 kilometres on water.

King of the world
Destroy twenty enemy boats.

Lock and load
Fully upgrade a weapon.

Looking sharp
Select a new paint job for your interceptor.

Share the wealth
During one mission, destroy four enemies, each with a different weapon.

Take your best shot
Use the shield to avoid significant damage.

Who is this guy?!
Destroy fifteen enemies in one mission.