UZIAC's Judge Dee: The City God Case PlayStation Trophies

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Crafty magistrate
A little bit of cunning can sometimes make it unnecessary to use force…

Generous magistrate
Is it not said that to be generous is to be great?

Handicraft expert
An imperial judge can also be good with his hands!

Imperial doctor
Your reputation as a healer will soon reach the imperial court…

Master of secrets
You have discovered another hidden room… Now you must find out its secret!

Master of truth
Truth can be strange at times… Men's motives also…

Enlightened magistrate
The most hidden truths always come out in the open!

Gallant investigator
Offering a flower… is a poem per se.

Imperial prosecutor
A judge must sometimes be harsh to bring out the truth.

Information expert
Collecting written evidence to reconstruct a story is certainly a good thing…

Interrogation expert
You interrogate systematically… Everyone gives you information!

Poison expert
Your mastery of the medical arts has helped you to immediately identify this poison!

Psychology expert
You interrogate with finesse and get valuable information.

Secret passages expert
A small mouse has helped you to solve a great mystery…

Wise investigator
Even during tragic moments, a systematic search is sometimes necessary…