IguanaHat's Zone of the Enders HD PlayStation Trophies

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Elite Frame Runner
Collect all trophies

Achieve an Overall Evaluation grade of A

Achieve an Overall Evaluation grade of B

KO Neith
Win your first encounter against Neith

Homecoming King
Defeat Tempest

The Bigger They Are
Defeat Tyrant

Defeat Nebula

You Again?!
Win your second encounter against Neith

Third Time's the Charm
Defeat Zombie Neith

Survive the battle with Anubis

Power Down
Destroy the Power Facilites in EPS1 & EPS2

Get ADA back online using the Vaccine

Learn Gooder
Complete all of the in-game tutorials

Weapon Finder
Find 5 sub-weapon drivers

Gun Runner
Find all 10 sub-weapon drivers

The Seeker
Find 7 passcodes

Find all 14 passcodes

Silent Assassin
Take out the EPS relay block before eliminating any enemies

Unhealthy Behavior
Defeat 10 enemies when under the influence of the Virus

Benedict Arnold
Defeat 10 enemies while controlling the Raptor

Porter Pounder
Destroy 40 Porters

Bomb Squad
Disarm all the bombs in HUB 1 correctly

Good Samaritan
Achieve an A Rank in any Rescue Mission available

Damage Control
Earn an A Rank in all 5 rescue missions

Unlock all the frames