ckleow's Game of Thrones PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum trophy
Earn all the trophies in Game of Thrones

Winter is coming
Finish chapter 1

Family is hope...
Finish chapter 2

Dark wings, dark words
Finish chapter 3

Hear me roar
Finish chapter 4

Proud to be faithful
Finish chapter 5

Dead men sing no songs
Finish chapter 6

Here we stand
Finish chapter 7

Family, duty, honor
Finish chapter 8

Unbowed, unbent, unbroken
Finish chapter 9

Fire and blood
Finish chapter 10

Come try me
Finish chapter 11

As high as honor
Finish chapter 12

Growing strong
Finish chapter 13

Valar morghulis
Finish chapter 14

The night is dark...
Finish chapter 15

Red priest of R'hllor
Finish Alester's story

Sworn brother
Finish Mors' Story

Chapter 1: confront the four recruits during the training session with Mors

Know your place
Chapter 2: protect the nobility with Alester

Man of the people
Chapter 2: protect the people with Alester

End of the line
Chapter 6: don't lose pursuit of the bastard

Chapter 7: find all the corrupt brothers of the Night's Watch

Once more unto the breach
Chapter 7: attack the camp without killing the sentries at the start

Am I not merciful?
Chapter 8: save Orys from the City Watch

Chapter 8: find the key in Alester's father's tomb

The butcher comes to dinner
Chapter 9: kill 6 of Lord Harlton's soldiers during the fight at dinner

'Tis but a scratch!
Chapter 9: suffer all the physical abuse during the torture sequence

Swift and deadly
Chapter 11: bring an end to the trial by combat in under 2 minutes

Unrivaled strategist
Chapter 12: take back Riverspring with a total victory

Quiet as a shadow
Chapter 13: reach Jeyne's room without ever being seen

Lesser of two evils
Chapter 14: come to the aid of the Reapers

My darkest hour
Chapter 15: execute the judgement passed down on the Westfords

The true face of the Spider
Lose the final battle

Complete all the secondary objectives of the story

The Greatest
Emerge triumphant in the final arena combat

Endless watch
Send 10 recruits to the Wall with Mors

Seize the three objects of value from the Collector with Alester

Convince Bethany to return to Chataya's brothel with Alester

Devout follower
Find all the statues of the Seven

Use Mors' dog's sense of smell to find 5 secret objects

R'hllor sees all
Find 10 secrets with the vision of R'hllor

Golden touch
Acquire 1 golden dragon

Man's best friend
Kill 10 enemies with Mors' dog in skinchanger mode

True warrior
Kill 400 enemies

Mete out 5 deathblows

Great teamwork
Finish the game without a single ally (except Mors and Alester) being KO'd

Reach the maximum level

Learn all skills within a character's stance tree

Master of light and flame
Gain all the skills linked to R'hllor's fire with Alester

Clever dog
Gain all the skills linked to the dog with Mors