anti-altair16's Anomaly Warzone Earth PlayStation Trophies

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A Bridge Too Far
Complete Tokyo Raid

Destroy 5000 towers

Earth Saviour
Complete Single Player Campaign

Gold Rush
Earn 10 gold medals within the campaign

Mayhem Rearmed
Complete Baghdad Mayhem Rearmed

Mayhem Unleashed
Complete Baghdad Mayhem

Twin Commander
Complete both co-op modes

Blinded Enemy
Use one Smoke Screen ability to protect 6 units

Collect 20 abilities

First Blood
Destroy 10 Towers

Help me out here!
Boost 20 abilities while playing co-op mode

Pimp Your Squad
Fully upgrade a unit (3 stars)

This stuff is good
Collect 15 Carusaurum Caches

With Style
Use 4 different abilities simultaneously