Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - Arctic Games PlayStation Trophy List

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Platinum Acorn
Obtain every other trophy in the game.

Bring home the Gold
Get a Gold Acorn on every single game event.

Herd Hero
Finish the Story mode while playing on the Herd's side.

Pirate Captain
Finish the Story mode while playing on the Crew's side.

The most beautiful story ever
Finish Story mode without losing a single game event.

Herd Migration
Slide down 1000 miles of ice or snow.

Learn to Fly
Fly 500 miles over land or sea.

Master Bullseye
Place a shell in the exact center of the target, without steering it or hitting any other shell.

Oak Forest
Collect 1000 acorns.

Sharp Shooter
Destroy all targets in Coconut Slingshot.

That treasure is mine!
Win a Tournament against a friend.

Acorn Nut
Collect every Acorn in Glacier Hopping.

Bob Smasher
Finish a Bob-Smashing race in Story Mode.

Place all your shells on the target in one round of Shell Slide.

Collect all acorns and reach the goal in under 1:00 minute in Ice Smash.

Coconut Slinger
Finish a Coconut Slingshot game in Story Mode.

Come on, fraidy cat!
Fall into the water 15 times with either Diego or Shira.

Dream come true
Find the hidden Acorn in the Scrat Cannon event.

Drifting like a sir
Pass through every gate in a single Mountain Drift race.

Further down the road
Reach the end of the level bouncing 20 times or less in Scrat Cannon.

Glacier Hopper
Finish a Glacier Hopping race in Story Mode.

Golden Breaker
Obtain a Gold Acorn time in Ice Smash (Free Play only).

Golden Flyer
Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Scrat Cannon (Free Play only).

Golden Glider
Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Shell Slide (Free Play only).

Golden Hopper
Obtain a Gold Acorn time in Glacier Hopping (Free Play only).

Golden Jumper
Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Style Jump (Free Play only).

Golden Plumber
Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Prehistoric Plumber (Free Play only).

Golden Skier
Obtain a Gold Acorn time in Mountain Drift (Free Play only).

Golden Slider
Obtain a Gold Acorn time in Slip Slide (Free Play only).

Golden Slingshooter
Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Coconut Slingshot (Free Play only).

Golden Smasher
Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Bob-Smashing (Free Play only).

Ice Breaker
Finish a Ice Smash game in Story Mode.

Mountain Drifter
Finish a Mountain Drift race in Story Mode.

None left standing
Break every wall of your team without breaking any wall of the opposing team in a Bob-Smashing race.

Scrat Cannoneer
Finish a Scrat Cannon game in Story Mode.

Scrat Plumber
Finish a Prehistoric Plumber game in Story Mode.

Shell Slider
Finish a Shell Slide game in Story Mode.

Slip Slider
Finish a Slip Slide race in Story Mode.

Finish a Slip Slide race without hitting any snow patches.

Strike the Pose
Successfully complete 8 tricks in a single Style Jump game.

Style Jumper
Finish a Style Jump game in Story Mode.