Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise PlayStation Trophy List

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Serious case of Kleptomania
Ripped your first costume off a dead bear.

Jack of all Threads
Found, unlocked & bought all costumes.

Armed to the Eyelids
Found, unlocked & bought all weapons.

The Naked Nakedness Award
Mastered your first costume or weapon.

"Mastered ALL the PANTS!" -You
You really love those pants of yours and all the other costumes! Bravo on mastering them all!

There’s “Glad” in “Gladiator”
A lot of Fluff went into this trophy! Mastered all nutter!

Reached level 25.

Reached level 50.

Reached Level 75.

Naughtiness Incarnated
Reached Level 100. Naughty!

We all hate Cuddles
Killed your first target properly and lived to tell the tale.

Crossed off
Cleared half of the Naughty List.

A lot of red ink
Cleared the Naughty List. Well done.

Shinier than ever
Got your first Naughty Cup!

Got either 36 Bronze, 24 Silver, 18 Gold or 8 Platinum Naughty Cups.

Got either 36 Silver, 24 Gold or 18 Platinum Naughty Cups.

Got either 36 Gold or 24 Platinum Naughty Cups.

The perfect platinums of perfectitude!
You rock, and to celebrate your rockitude, here’s a trophy for getting 36 Platinum Naughty Cups. Insane!

Expert Bonus-objectiver
Completed the 3 bonus objectives of an area.

Got a million coins…why aren’t you buying anything?!