skizzofr3niko's Sports Champions 2 PlayStation Trophies

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Mr. Z
Unlock all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies

Strike! A Pose
Accumulate 20 strikes in Bowling

Split Happens
In Bowling, pick up a split spare

Pin Pal
Complete a game of Bowling

You're A Piece Of Iron
Win a single-player Boxing match without being knocked down once (Silver or higher)

Land a 6-hit combo in Boxing

Complete a game of Boxing

Net Points
In Tennis, score 10 points at the net in a single match

Double Deuce
Win a Tennis game after going deuce twice

You Got Served
Score two aces in a single Tennis match

Complete a game of Tennis

Straight Shooter
Win a Silver difficulty level (or higher) Archery match without missing a shot

Last for 2 minutes in an Archery Challenge Mode match

Arrow Dynamic
Get 3 split arrows in a single Archery match

Take A Bow
Complete a game in Archery

Icy What You Did There
During a race, cause another skier to crash

Frost And The Flurrious
Pass another skiier after drafting behind them for at least 5 seconds

Complete a game of Skiing

Flipping Crazy
Successfully land a jump with two forward flips and two back flips

To The Green
In Golf, hit the ball onto the green from the tee

Complete a round of Golf with four players

What The Putt!?
In Golf, make a putt over 40 feet

Tee Time
Complete a game of Golf

Lesson Learned
Complete a training stage in any sport

Party Monster!
Complete more than 1 Party Play playlist

Use two or more created Champions in a multiplayer game

Customize an outfit for your Champion in all 6 sports

Fashion Forward
Equip your Champion with an unlockable item

The Challenger
Earn at least 2 stars on each Bronze Cup Challenge Mode

Star Bound
Acquire 25 stars in Cup Play

Most Improved
Improve your score in a previously completed Cup Play match

All Heart
Come back to win after being knocked down in a single-player Boxing match (Silver or higher)

In Bowling, get above a 200 point game in Silver difficulty or higher

Get The Point
Acquire 500,000 points in Cup Play with a single Champion.

Golf Carting
Win a game of Golf at each location in Free Play

Acquire 100 stars in Cup Play

Complete the Gold Cup in Boxing

King Pins!
Complete the Gold Cup in Bowling

Make Some Racquet!
Complete the Gold Cup in Tennis

Quiver With Joy!
Complete the Gold Cup in Archery

It's All Down Hill!
Complete the Gold Cup in Skiing

Complete the Gold Cup in Golf

Sports Champions Champion
Complete the Gold Cup in all 6 sports

Acquire 250 stars in Cup Play