crazyaejay's Zuma's Revenge PlayStation Trophies

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Spiritual Awakening
Discover the Spirit Monkey

One With Nature
Fully level up one Spirit Animal

Nature’s Friend
Fully level up two Spirit Animals

Beast Master
Unleash your full froggy potential by fully leveling up all four Spirit Animals!

Jaw Breaker
Defeat the Gluttonous Kahtiki Khan

Tiki Trampler
Defeat Maga Maga and his Tiki Minions

Bone Picker
Defeat Baron Digo and his Skeleton Crew

Pestilence Pacifier
Defeat Kolo Kamari and his Swarm of Bugs

Cephalopod Smasher
Defeat Cephalo Ka and his Inky Ink Attack

You Win!
You didn't think it would be that easy would you?

Time for Tadpoles
Defeat Zhaka Mu and discover the secret of the island!

Thread the Needle
Make a match by shooting a ball through a gap in the curve

C-C-C-Chain Bonus!
Shoot 15 balls and make 15 matches... in a row!

Power Player
Build your score multiplier up to 5x

Earn all three Spirit Badges on at least 10 levels

Frozen Frog
Beat a regular rail level without moving the frog

Frog Statue
Beat a lily pad level without jumping lily pads

Challenge Accepted
Play five different weekly challenges

Fe Frog
Complete Iron Frog Mode

Amphibian Assassin
Complete Boss Rush Mode without losing