anti-altair16's When Vikings Attack! PlayStation Trophies

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100% complete
Complete all quest levels, unlock all characters and earn all other trophies

Hard as nails
Beat wave 15 in solo survival mode

Online Champ!
Win 50 public online Vs matches or Gold Rush tournaments

Earn a gold star in all solo challenges

Ultimate Warrior
Earn all 10 warrior characters

Viking Impaler
Knockout 25,000 Vikings in quest mode

Antique Collector
Save the priceless antique

Bumper Thumper
Take out a player with a mega-multi-bounced pinball!

Cake pacifist
Save the cake

Skewer the donut in 'The Fairground'

Make it through 'The Highway Code' without being hit by any cars

Take the doctor's car back to work

Catch something you threw

Shut yer trap
Complete three consecutive rounds without falling down a trapdoor in 'Break a Leg'

Speed king
Win an online match in under 5-seconds

Force a timeout on 'Pawn Cocktail' while holding the king piece

Go bowling with Vikings

Triple Bogey
Putt 3 balls in 'Fairway to Heaven'

Complete 'Up on the Roof' without falling off