Blazikiller's Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel PlayStation Trophies

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Platinum Trophy
Earn all Army of TWO™ The Devil's Cartel Trophies

Blood, Sweat and Guns
Level up to Rank 25

Deep Pockets
Buy all Weapons, Tattoos, Masks and Outfits

Look mom, I made it!
Complete the game on Insane

You took the Aggro for 100 Flank kills

And now what?
Complete the Campaign

Armed to the Teeth
Buy All Guns

Army Of TWO™
Perform 250 Flank, Surprise and/or Tag Team kills

Combo Master
Perform a x10 Co-op Combo

Double Trouble
200 targets killed in double Overkill

Keep it up!
Level up to Rank 15

Look at you!
Buy All Outfits

Players simultaneously killed 2 unaware targets

And stay down
Perform 10 melee kills on wounded targets

Art is not a crime
Create your own Custom Mask

Backstabbing Bastard
Perform 50 Backstabs

Destroyed 500 objects

Behind enemies lines
Complete Enemy Territory

Blood Sport
Perform 100 melee kills

Cover Hopper
Perform 10 cover to cover transition in a row

David vs. Goliath
Kill 10 Brutes in Physical Confrontation

Demolition Derby
Destroy 50 cars

Drugs are for losers
Complete Narco Hell

Kill 3 targets or more using an explosive object in any level

Fashion Police
Perform 50 Hat Shots

First Blood
Make your first kill as a rookie (in Cause and Effect mission)

Forgive our sins
Complete Salvation

From bad to worse
Complete Outside Contact

Complete Rally Point

Perform 100 Headshots

Just a scratch
You didn’t go wounded once in a mission (medium, hard or insane)

Let ‘er Rip
100 targets killed using either an MMG or an MGL

Let's do this
Complete New Blood

Massacre in Paradise
Complete Last Resort

Melee all day!
Perform a melee kill while you're in Overkill

Apply the maximum number of layers on a customized mask

Money Shot
Headshot a target while blind firing

200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by your partner)

My Baby
Fully customize a weapon with 6 customizable parts or more

Now what?
Complete Cause and Effect

200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by you)

Party Pooper
Kill 3 targets with 1 grenade

Revenge is a bitch
Complete Confrontation

Sir, yes sir!
Level up to Rank 5

TWO heads
Complete a mission (excluding New Blood) with a human partner

War comes home
Complete Assault

500 targets killed while in cover