R-Type Dimensions PlayStation Trophy List

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Dare Devil
Using rapid-fire and no power-ups, complete stages 1 & 2 of R-Type in a single game of 1P Classic

Beam Me Up!
Using only full beam shots and without dying, complete stage 1 of R-Type or R-Type II in 1P Classic

Earth Savior
Complete R-Type

Scarred Hero
Complete R-Type II

Wall of Fire
Destroy every enemy and object in stages 1 & 2 of R-Type during co-op play

Brave Pilot
Complete stage 1 of R-Type in 1P Classic

Bydo Headhunter
Kill one enemy of every kind in R-Type and R-Type II

Bye-bye Bydo!
Kill 10,000 enemies

Combo Master
Kill at least 10 enemies with a single shot

Hidden Treasure
Find and destroy the 5 hidden spores on stage 4 of R-Type

Power Hungry
Collect 100 power-ups

Collectively tally 10 revivals in a single game of Classic Co-op