El Chavo Kart PlayStation Trophy List

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What a nice neighborhood!
Win all the El Chavo Kart´s trophies.

Charge up to the 3rd level drifting turbo 500 times.

That´s it!
Complete all the El Chavo Kart´s Challenges.

All of it!
Charge up to the 3rd level drifting turbo and use it without interruptions 25 times.

Day of the dead.
Hit a Catrina twice in the castle and win a race on Extreme.

Going on vacation!
Hit 2 hotel bellboys in Acapulco and win a race on Extreme.

Gold Tooth.
Win the Platinum Ruffino Cup.

Jumping Bean.
Jump 3 competitors in a row in a 4 players race.

Just passing by!
Win a race without driving over the accelerators on the track.

Look at it, look at it!
Earn a gold badge at the end of a multiplayer race. Main player only.

Now you've earned all eight!
Earn all the gold badges.

Take it, take it and take it!
Ram other competitors 250 times.

That´s all I needed!
Use all the items in El Chavo Kart.

The Whole Neighborhood.
Unlock all the characters in El Chavo Kart.

Too bad.
Win a race while avoiding obstacles in any track on Extreme.

Tunnel of Love.
Win a race in The FunFair track by always jumping over the geese.

Wanderer Chavito.
Unlock all the tracks in El Chavo Kart.

Zas, zas, zas.
Tap more than 27 times after obtaining a sandwich.

A cup of Coffee.
Win the Platinum Girafalde Cup.

Are you earning merits?
Earn a gold badge at the end of a race in a cup.

Avoiding Fatigue.
Avoid crashing into the cyclists and win a race in the Tangamandapio track.

Child's Play.
Finish a normal race with 3 other human competitors.

Do you want it? Buy it!
Win the Platinum Quico Cup.

Don´t get angry!
Jump over another driver to earn some turbo 50 times.

Emotional Rollercoaster.
Win in The FunFair without falling off the rollercoaster on extreme difficulty.

Excuse me, says Raymond!
Overtake another driver using the wind tunnel up until the last moment in a challenge.

Go on, just go on.
Accumulate the third level of turbo by drifting in a challenge.

He´s gonna get scared!
Make another driver crash into the bats in the Castle track.

I didn´t do it!
Win a race on Extreme when playing as Gordon without touching the track's borders.

I didn´t want it either!
Use the horn to evade item attacks 50 times.

I didn´t wanted to do it!
Win the Platinum Chavo Cup.

I don´t like you.
Hit the taco man 50 times.

I'm not giving you another one!
Ram a rival in a challenge.

Modest Gift.
Hit another driver by leaving a piñata on the track 25 times.

My bad!
Defend yourself from an attack using the horn in a challenge.

Please, after you!
Jump over Professor Girafalde's kart using Mrs. Worthmore's kart.

Rent Collected.
Win the Platinum Mr. Beliarge Cup.

Win a race while using the rear view the whole time.

Win the Platinum Mr. Raymond Cup.

Sleep well.
Defend yourself from an attack using the pillow 25 times.

Eat 25 red chilis.

The Best "Jogador".
Win the challenge The Chosen Barrel without touching any explosive barrels.

To Serafina.
Win the Platinum Phoebe Cup.

Under Construction!
Jump over the bridge under construction in the city in a challenge.

Well informed.
Make another driver read the latest news in the newspaper 10 times.

Win the Platinum Miss Pinster Cup.