Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! PlayStation Trophy List

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Jaaaames Baxter!
Earn all trophies in the game.

BMO Lost
Find all of BMO's Game Cartridges.

The Limit
Survive 50 Floors in one Nightosphere run.

Daddy's Little Monster
Fully upgrade Marceline.

Finn the Human
Fully upgrade Finn.

Grumpy Butt
Complete all of Starchy's Quests.

Hot to the Touch
Fully upgrade Flame Princess.

It Came from the Nightosphere
Survive 15 Floors in one Nightosphere run.

Jake the Dog
Fully upgrade Jake.

Loyalty to the King
Fully upgrade Ice King.

Return to the Nightosphere
Survive 25 Floors in one Nightosphere run.

The Other Tarts
Fully upgrade Cinnamon Bun.

Trouble in Lumpy Space
Fully upgrade LSP.

You Made Me
Fully upgrade Lemongrab.

All the Little People
Locate every Familiar.

Another Way
Perform a Perfect Block.

Rescue the Hyoomans.

Business Time
Complete all of Princess Bubblegum's Quests.

Crystals Have Power
Collect every Token.

Dream of Love
Complete all of Mr. Pig's Quests.

Outsmart the Demon Cat.

Outrun the stampeding prisoners.

Freak City
Receive a Curse.

Fruit Salad Days
Eat every Food item at least once.

Guardians of Sunshine
Overcome the Guardians' punishment.

His Hero
Weather Goliad and Stormo's psychic assault.

Free the Earl of Lemongrab.

Hot Deals in the Ice Kingdom
Buy something from the shop.

I Remember You
Upgrade a Sub-Weapon into a stronger one.

Lady & Peebles
Upgrade a character's Focus.

Memory of a Memory
Use a Special Attack.

My Two Favorite People
Put Ice King in his place.

Mystery Dungeon
Return from the Dungeon alive.

One Last Job
Grab 50 Treasures on a single Treasure Floor.

Power Animal
Free Flame Princess.

Princess of Rad Hats
Complete all of Susan Strong's Quests.

Reign of Gunters
Assist Gunter with a feisty feline.

Thank You
Complete a Quest for the Princess.

The Meaning of Bravery
Upgrade a character's Thumps.

The New Frontier
Enter the Nightosphere.

The Ultimate Party Dip
Pick up every Item pickup at least once.

Tree Trunks
Complete all of Tree Trunks' Quests.

Vault of Bones
Survive a Monster Floor.

What Have you Done?
Uncover Bubblegum's dark secret.

What is Life?
Upgrade a character's Imagination.

What Was Missing
Collect every Sub-Weapon.

Who Would Win
Upgrade a character's Rowdiness.