Gunslugs PlayStation Trophy List

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Complete Hell
Achieve the "Complete Hell" objective

Beat the arcade
Achieve the "Beat the arcade" objective

Chain explosion of 3
Achieve the "Chain explosion of 3" objective

Kill death worm
Achieve the "Kill a death worm" objective

Air kill a dude
Achieve the "Air kill a dude" objective

Blow up 4 dudes at once
Achieve the "Blow up 4 dudes at once" objective

Destroy 5 hell tanks
Achieve the "Destroy 5 Hell Tanks" objective

Drive over 10 dudes
Achieve the "Drive over 10 dudes" objective

Play as B.A. Baracuda
Achieve the "Play as B. A. Baracuda" objective

Play as Sarge
Achieve the "Play as Sarge" objective

Play as Scarlette Sonya
Achieve the "Play as Scarlette Sonya" objective

Play as Sly Rocko
Achieve the "Play as Sly Rocko" objective

Play as Willis KiYay
Achieve the "Play as Willis KiYay" objective