mike_sorrell's Knack PlayStation Trophies

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Ultimate Knack
Received all trophies

King of Battle
Achieved five-star ranks in all Coliseum Attack stages

Knack Master
Completed all chapters on Very Hard difficulty

Perfect Action
Completed a stage without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above

Speed King
Achieved five-star ranks in all Time Attack stages

Combo Professional
Achieved 50 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped

Crystal Relic Master
Unlocked all upgraded Knack characters

Acquired all of the Gadgets

Dynamic Play
Completed a chapter only using Super Moves on enemies and without dying once

Forced Breakthrough
Defeated the three Gatekeeper Goblins and cleared Chapter 3-2 without dying

King of Adventure
Discovered all of the treasure chests

Knack Challenger
Completed all chapters on Hard difficulty or higher

Stealth Fighter
Defeated 20 enemies as Stealth Knack and completed the chapter

Total Victory
Defeated a boss without taking damage

Amethyst Medal
Defeated the Giant Orb using Dark Knack

Aqua Medal
Defeated the Chieftain's Mech using Brittle Knack

Defeated 8 or more enemies with a single Super Move

Big Throw
Defeated 5 gunships by throwing cars

Chieftain Badge
Defeated the Chapter 3-5 boss

Combo Beginner
Achieved 20 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped

Crystal Relic Collector
Acquired a Crystal Relic

Diamond Medal
Defeated all bosses using Diamond Knack

Doctor's Invention
Constructed a Gadget

Emerald Medal
Defeated Gundahar's Robot using Massive Knack

Fast Puncher
Landed 100 hits using the Dash Attack

Completed a Coliseum Attack stage

Goblin Hunter
Defeated 100 goblins

Guardian Badge
Defeated the Chapter 13-5 boss

Gundahar Badge
Defeated the Chapter 7-5 boss

Completed a non-boss chapter without using any Super Moves

Katrina Badge
Defeated the Chapter 11-5 boss

Knack Beginner
Completed all chapters on Normal difficulty or higher

New Power
Unlocked an upgraded Knack

Parts Collector
Acquired a Gadget part

Professional Intruder
Collected the clear crystals in Chapter 4-2 without being detected by the security robots

Quick Work
Destroyed the 3 anti-aircraft guns in Chapter 8-2 within 5 minutes

Relic Passion
Acquired a total of over 100,000 relics

Relic Runner
Completed a Time Attack stage

Robot Hunter
Defeated 100 robots

Ruby Medal
Cleared a chapter as Vampire Knack

Discovered a treasure chest

Sunstone Medal
Defeated Katrina's Mech using Sunstone Knack