ManUtdPete97's Velocity 2X PlayStation Trophies

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Yippee Kai Yay

Double or Nothing
Use double the firepower!

FuturLab Certified
Gain 50 PERFECT medals

Mind Over Matter
Complete level 50

Now You Know
Get a PERFECT medal on all Critical Urgency levels

Ralan's Mission
Complete all bonus levels

Thumb Kinda Hero
Perfect all speed levels

Thumb Together
Perfect all Dual Core Levels

Basic Training
Boost all the way through level 3

Bonus Onus
Unlock all bonus levels (25)

Destroy 50 Vokh Guards

Earn Gold medals on all Critical Urgency levels

Killa Thrilla
Destroy 2500 airborne enemies

Miss Average
Gain above average XP in half the levels

Not bad, keep going…
Complete all speed levels

Qirex R.I.P.
Hit every speed pad in Level 25

Quarp Zen
Complete all Dual Core Levels

Shoot 10,000 pieces of glass

Romancing The Throne
Collect 10,000 crystals

Sonic Spin
Trigger a speed pad 4 times in under a second in level CU05

The Immaculate Perfection
Perfect all Speed Runs

Wheat From Chaff
Gain 25 PERFECT medals

Background Reading
Look in every folder in Flight Computer

Cautious Kai
Avoid every speed pad in level CU02

China Shop
Shoot 5,000 pieces of glass

Credit Crunch
Get 100,000 points in the credits minigame

Cruise Controlled
Race through Level DC02 without letting go of boost!

Data Miner
Collect all data packs

Double Dash
Teledash through two Vokh at the same time

Double Whammy 2X
Disable two switches within 0.5 seconds of each other

Easy Tiger
Fly over your first speed pad

Gotta Kill 'Em All!
Kill every type of enemy (doesn't incude boss battles)

Heavy Boots
Complete a level without letting go of boost

High Flier
Gain your first PERFECT medal

Hoarder Next Door
Collect 5,000 crystals

Hot Heels
Boost and sprint all the way through level CU02

Get squished at the bottom of the screen

Left Behind
Die by leaving one ship behind

Lucky Find
Unlock a bonus level

Mind The Gap
Dock your ship for the first time

Power Extreme
Unlock all abilities

Quadruple Whammy 2X
Destroy 16 turrets in 2 seconds in Level DC08

Rescue 6,000 Jintinda

Snooze You Lose
Get stuck in a door

Defeat a Vokh

Tough Stuff
Survive the first encounter with General Glaive

Triple Whammy 2X
Disable three switches within 1 second

Turret Takedown
Destroy 6 turrets in level CU04 in under one second