Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition PlayStation Trophy List

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Defeat Calaca

El Savior
Access the alternative ending (collect all orbs)

That was Hard Mode?
Defeat the game on Hard mode

The Devil wears Revenge!
Defeat Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit

The Teacher Remains the Teacher
Defeat Javier Jaguar as Uay Chivo in an un-nerfed one-on-one rematch.

Who put these here???
Achieve 100% completion in all areas

World Champion
Earn a Gold Medal in all Infierno challenges

Greatest Tag-Team in History
Defeat both Lightning Skeleton arenas in The Great Temple on Hard Mode, with 2 or more players (or as Javier Jaguar)

Earn a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges

I Have The Powerrrrrrrr
Purchase 20 Upgrades from the Shop

Lore Master
Complete All Side Quests

Minuto de Silencio
Mourn the loss of the Alebrije while playing as X’Tabay.

Money to Burn
Snatch, grab and collect 5,000 pesos as Flame Face.

Poncho'd Out
Complete the Combo Chicken quest (Defeat Poncho forever)

That was INTENSE
Kill 20 Enemies in a single INTENSO sequence

The Never Ending Combo
Achieve a 200 Hit Combo

Start a New Game on Save Slot #2

Cock of the Walk
Defeat an enemy using the Pollo Bomb

Combo Nerd
Achieve a 125 Hit Combo

Do or Do Not
Complete the First Combo Chicken Challenge

Dream Team
Defeat an arena with at least 2 players

Defeat an arena without taking any damage

I swat you
Defeat a Chupacabra using only Slam

Last Straw
Break Uay Chivo's fake statue in the Tule Tree.

Licking his Wounds
Defeat Jaguar Javier

Main Event
Defeat a Skeleton-Luchador

No Encore!
Defeat El Trio de la Muerte

Nooks and Crannies
Find 100% of the hidden items in a single area

Pollo Power
Become a Chicken

Power Within
Complete Uay Chivo's Intenso training

Snuffed Out
Defeat Flame Face

That's one big Gato Frito
Kill the Alebrije

Viva La Resurrección
Become a Luchador

Redeem X'tabay