Table Top Racing PlayStation Trophy List

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Stellar Performance!
Obtain all stars in all championships

All-Star Specialist!
Get three stars on all the Special Events

Master Drifter!
Score over 300,000 points in a one minute drift session.

Hit 50 opponents with a mine!

First Win!
Win 3 stars in any championship race

Lightning Strikes Twice?
Take out two or more cars with a single EMP

Max Power!
Fully upgrade any car

Online Winner!
Win an online race

Photo Finish!
Win an offline race by less than a car's length

Show Off!
Win whilst jumping over the finish line

Table Top Torment!
Fall off the table 10 times

Table Top Tourist!
Win a race on all 16 tracks

Target Practice!
Hit 50 opponents with a missile!

You're Special!
Gain three stars in any Special Event