PlayStation Vita Pets PlayStation Trophy List

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Best Friends Forever
Collect all of the trophies

Beaten the Castle
Solve the final castle puzzle

Beaten the Caves
Solve the final caves puzzle

Beaten the Maze
Solve the final maze puzzle

Beaten the Mines
Solve the final mines puzzle

Golden Tunic
Find Cosmo's Golden Tunic

Mine Cart Master
Successfully travel all routes around the mine cart ride

Activities Professional
Play all of the activities

Beaten Cemetery Challenge
Solve the cemetery puzzle

Coin Collection
Find all of the King's coins

Cosmo Collection
Find all of Cosmo's collection

Insignia Collection
Collect all of the King's insignia

Skills Professional
Learn all of the dog skills to level 3

Tricks Professional
Learn all of the tricks

Try on a bodysuit for the first time

Buddy Points
Reach 500 Buddy Points

Buddy Points Expert
Reach 10,000 Buddy Points

Buddy Points Novice
Reach 1,000 Buddy Points

Buddy Points Professional
Reach 5,000 Buddy Points

Disc Catcher
Catch the flying disc 5 times in the air and in succession

Dog Walker
Walk to the castle bridge

Dressing Up
Try on an item of clothing for the first time

Explore the whole map

Fetch Fever
Fetch 20 sticks

It’s No Obstacle
Complete the entire obstacle course for the first time

Jump up 200 times

Matching Outfit
Try on a matching outfit for the first time

Mine Cart Mayhem
Finish the mine cart ride wearing Cosmo's jacket

Nose Expert
Sniff 'n' dig in all locations

Nose Novice
Sniff 'n' dig up 75 items

Sniff Them Out
Sniff 'n' dig up 30 items

Squeaky Clean
Shower for the first time

Super Dog
Complete the entire obstacle course wearing the red superhero outfit

Tug 30 objects