Dragon's Dogma Quest PlayStation Trophy List

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Breaking into Prison
Conquered the Forsaken Isle.

Serpents' Bane
Defeated a wyrm, drake and wyvern.

Cold as Ice
Conquered the Silver Summit.

Cracking Thunder
Conquered the Thunder Marsh.

Dungeon Delver
Cleared 10 dungeons.

Dungeon Explorer
Cleared 50 dungeons.

Dungeon Master
Cleared 100 dungeons.

Falling Silent
Conquered the Silent Fall.

Gatherer of Allies
Registered 50 friends to the friend list.

Island Escape
Completed the tutorial.

Not Always Greener
Conquered the Emerald Land.

Roost Roast
Conquered the Dragon's Roost.

Striking Gold
Conquered the Golden Plain.

Turning Up the Heat
Conquered the Grey Ridge.

Obtained 60 vocations.