Saito_Daemon's RESOGUN PlayStation Trophies

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Get a multiplier of 15x

Complete Arcade mode without losing all lives, on Experienced difficulty

Cool trophy!
Complete Mefitis

Save all humans

The true RESOGUN starts here...
Complete all levels on Veteran difficulty

Get a multiplier of 10x

Carry on, nothing to see here
Complete all levels on Experienced difficulty

Complete all levels

How do I stop this thing?!
Kill 50 enemies with one boost

Masterful dodger of revenge bullets and stuff alike
Complete a level on Master difficulty

Save two humans within a span of one second

O to the D
Kill 100 enemies during Overdrive

Store no more
Complete Decima

Winter is not coming
Complete Febris

Get a multiplier of 5x

Certified electrician
Complete Ceres

Congratulations on your driver's licence!
Reach the end-boss of any level using boost only

Save a human from Abductor's beam

Elected official
Complete Acis

Fully upgrade the main gun

Let fly!
Throw a human to the escape pod

Pilot of Ferox
Complete the game with Ferox

Pilot of Nemesis
Complete the game with Nemesis

Pilot of Phobos
Complete the game with Phobos

Fully upgrade the overdrive

Save a human

Savior of Acis
Save all humans on Acis

Savior of Ceres
Save all humans on Ceres

Savior of Decima
Save all humans on Decima

Savior of Febris
Save all humans on Febris

Savior of Mefitis
Save all humans on Mefitis

To the max!
Fully upgrade the ship

You have completed basic training!
Complete all levels on Rookie difficulty