Fort Defense North Menace PlayStation Trophy List

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Snow fever
All levels of the episode "Arctic Ocean" were passed 3 stars

An old piece of plate
The first 5 levels of the episode have been passed with the guns out of the store without improvements

God's punishment
500 enemies have been destroyed by your spell

Magic storm
200 spells cast

Rime of the beard
10 levels were in a row, without a complete application

Dead Man's Chest
5000 gold coins are earned from killing enemies

In full sail!
Countdown timer wave of enemies on each level was reset

Pete adactyl
The level of damage to opponents played, from the first wave

Seven feet under the keel!
Level 3 consecutive passed, with no ship did not attack the enemy outpost

Volley from all the guns!
All the grounds on which you can install the tools should be employed