Strike Suit Zero PlayStation Trophy List

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Save Earth
Reach the end of the game.

Exit Simulation
Beat the Heroes Of The Fleet campaign.

Unlock everything.

Lucky Strike
Destroy a Black Fleet interceptor with rockets.

Obey Control
No Win Scenario. Die by ramming into a torpedo or hull of a ship.

Save Earth's Future
Get a better ending.

Shoot The Moon
You can shoot the moon, we’re just not telling you how.

Strike Fast
Complete the last mission in less than 7 minutes.

Strike Suit Combo
Destroy 5 targets at once in Strike Mode.

Strike Suit Evolved
Unlock an upgrade.

Strike Three
Kill 3 or more targets with a single blast of the Raptor's cannon.

Take One For The Team
Survive a direct torpedo hit in the Marauder.

Transform into the Strike Suit for the first time.