R.B.I. Baseball 14 PlayStation Trophy List

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Fully Threaded
Complete 5 R.B.I. Challenge.

Batting Around
Get 9 plate appearances in the same inning against the CPU.

Eye on the Ball
In a 9-inning game against the CPU, don’t get struck out by the starting pitcher.

Maximum Squeeze
Hit a walk-off bunt against the CPU in the 9th inning.

Mr. October
Make it to the Postseason.

Name of the Game
Get 1000 RBIs.

Old School
Throw the ball away.

Perfection in the Work
Pitch a combined perfect game against the CPU.

Power and Precision
Hit 100 home runs.

Sandlot Pro
Win by Mercy Rule against the CPU.

Slam Master
Hit 5 grand slams.

Strikeout King
Strike out 1000 batters.

Sweep City
Win the World Series without ever losing a Postseason game.

Target Locked
Throw a CPU runner out at home with a Fast Throw from the outfield.

Top to Bottom
Hit a home run with a pitcher against the CPU.

Worthy Challenger
Complete 1 R.B.I. Challenge.