Constant C PlayStation Trophy List

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Gather all the storage devices.

Catch Me If You Can
Chase Ellie 2.0 through all the levels where she appears.

One-Way Ticket
Complete story mode.

Princess Is In Another Castle
Find the dinosaur.

You Only Live Once
Reach the storage device location in D3-3 and complete the level without dying.

Catlike Reflexes
While free-falling at a high speed, change the direction of gravity and apply brakes.

Fall And Miss
Change the direction of gravity in the midair at least 10 times and land safely.

For Every Action
Complete C2-2 in 5 seconds.

I've Got Time
Collect any storage device inside the 6th door without using the second time field.

Labman No001
Discover the phone-microwave.

Nothing Escapes Me
Complete F1-5 in 20 seconds.

The 34th Airborne
Complete C3-4 in 7 seconds.

Time's A-Wasting
Complete C3-3 in 5 seconds.

Well-Balanced Individual
Complete D1-5 without falling off the ball unnecessarily.