Headsmacker's Gems of War PlayStation Trophies

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Dark Ritual
Unlock the Troop "Xathenos"

Unlock 50 different Troops

King of Kings
Capture 15 Kingdoms

Headsmacker earned this 4 days ago
Train any troop to level 10

Professor Campbell Would Be Proud...
Reach 250 wins for a hero class

Team Synergy
Complete all guild tasks in a single week

Arch Duke
Capture 5 Kingdoms

Successfully invade an enemy in PvP

Reach level 100

Defeat any Challenge and gain 1 star

Headsmacker earned this 5 days ago
Master any Challenge by gaining 5 stars

Champion of PvP
Reach PvP tier 1 in a single week

Train any troop to level 20

Have your PvP Defense Team win a battle

Double Digits
Reach level 10

Change your hero's costume

Game Breaker
Unlock the Troop "Mongo"

Reach PvP tier 10 in a single week

Golden Jubilee
Reach level 50

Unlock 100 different Troops

I'm Not Scared Of The Boogeyman
Complete all progress events in a single week

Mythical Creature
Ascend a troop to Mythic

Obtainer of Rare Antiquities
Headsmacker earned this 6 days ago
Explore any kingdom

Olympus Has Fallen
Defeat a paragon opponent in Guild Wars

Power Up
Headsmacker earned this 21 hours ago
Have a kingdom power of at least 1 Gold Star

Prince Regent
Capture 10 Kingdoms

Rabble Rouser
Unlock 10 different Troops

Raid Leader
Unlock 25 different Troops

Reach PvP tier 5 in a single week

Robber Baron
Capture 2 Kingdoms

Sentinel Prime
Upgrade each of your Guild Wars Sentinels at least once in a single Guild War

Silver Platter
Reach level 25

Soul Legion
Unlock 200 different Troops

Finish the Tutorial

Team Player
Join a Guild

The Emperor
Capture 20 kingdoms

The Hero's Journey
Equip any hero class

The Other Side of Dawn
Complete all of your Guild Wars battles in a single week

Treasure Hunter
Finish a Treasure Hunt with 2 or more Vaults