Headsmacker's Gems of War PlayStation Trophies

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A Friend Indeed
Feed a Pet to Level 20

Dark Ritual
Unlock the Troop "Xathenos"

Unlock 50 different Troops

King of Kings
Capture 15 Kingdoms

Master of Strength
Reach level 500

Train any troop to level 10

Professor Campbell Would Be Proud...
Reach 250 wins for a hero class

Team Synergy
Complete all guild tasks in a single week

A Friend in Need
Finish a Pet Rescue Event

Arch Duke
Capture 5 Kingdoms

Successfully invade an enemy in PvP

Reach level 100

Defeat any Challenge and gain 1 star

Master any Challenge by gaining 5 stars

Champion of PvP
Reach PvP tier 1 in a single week

Train any troop to level 20

Have your PvP Defense Team win a battle

Double Digits
Reach level 10

Change your hero's costume

Game Breaker
Unlock the Troop "Mongo"

Reach PvP tier 10 in a single week

Deal 505 Damage to the Boss in a single Raid Boss event

Golden Jubilee
Reach level 50

Unlock 100 different Troops

I Have the Power
Reach Kingdom Power Level 5

I'm Not Scared Of The Boogeyman
Complete all progress events in a single week

Mythical Creature
Ascend a troop to Mythic

Now This is a Knife
Use a Weapon's Spell with an Affix

Obtainer of Rare Antiquities
Explore any kingdom

Olympus Has Fallen
Defeat a paragon opponent in Guild Wars

Onwards and Upwards
Reach level 250

Power Up
Have a kingdom power of at least 1 Gold Star

Prince Regent
Capture 10 Kingdoms

Rabble Rouser
Unlock 10 different Troops

Raid Leader
Unlock 25 different Troops

Reach PvP tier 5 in a single week

Robber Baron
Capture 2 Kingdoms

Sentinel Prime
Upgrade each of your Guild Wars Sentinels at least once in a single Guild War

Shiny Distraction
Win a Gnome Vault Battle

Defeat 50 Towers in a single Invasion event

Silver Platter
Reach level 25

Soul Legion
Unlock 200 different Troops

Finish the Tutorial

Team Player
Join a Guild

The Emperor
Capture 20 kingdoms

The Hero's Journey
Equip any hero class

The Other Side of Dawn
Complete all of your Guild Wars battles in a single week

Treasure Hunter
Finish a Treasure Hunt with 2 or more Vaults

We are the Champions
Get to Champion Level 50 in a Single Class