Matterfall PlayStation Trophy List

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Matter of Skill
Earn All Trophies

Don't Stop Me Now
Keep your Overcharge going for a full 10 seconds

Defeat all bosses on Master difficulty

Iron Lady
Achieve a no-death bonus on every level, on Veteran difficulty

No Hard Feelings
Complete all levels on Veteran difficulty

Speed Demon
Get the max speed bonus in all levels on Master difficulty

Flight attendant
Get through the Research Labs Zero-G sections without taking damage

I Got This, Hold My Cappuccino
Complete a level without equipping any Augmentations

Normal is the New Normal
Complete all levels on Freelancer difficulty

Complete a level without firing a weapon

Ten Pin Bowling
Stun 10 Missile enemies in one Strike

Too Greedily and Too Deep
Complete the Matter Mines chapter

Get a multiplier of 20x on Freelancer difficulty

Wrong Side of Thirty
Get a multiplier of 30x on Veteran difficulty

Axiom of Choice
All Augmentations collected

Buried Treasure
Collect all Caches in Matter Mines

Chain Reaction
Destroy 20 enemies with a Matter Bomb

City of Gold
Collect all Caches in Fortuna City

City Slicker
Complete the Fortuna City chapter

Civil Servant
Rescue 5 civilians

Crowd Control
Stun 8 enemies with a single Strike

Daring Delver
Save all civilians in Matter Mines and defeat the chapter Boss

Domino Effect
Blow up 5 Matter Bombs by activating only one

Elevator Music
Ride the Elevator in Boulevard Concourse

Fields of Plenty
Collect all Caches in Hydroponics

Garden Variety
Save all civilians in Hydroponics and defeat the chapter Boss

Keys to the City
Save all civilians in Fortuna City and defeat the chapter Boss

Lots of Guns
Equip Secondary weapons in all slots

Pain Harvest
Complete the Hydroponics chapter

Spice of Life
Kill an enemy in a level with each of the Secondary weapons

Ten a Penny
Get a multiplier of 10x on Rookie difficulty

Training Complete
Complete all levels on Rookie difficulty

Destroy 35 enemies during one Overcharge

We're Going to Need Guns
Collect all Secondary weapons