BigPaja's Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ PlayStation Trophies

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C: R Master
Obtain all trophies

A World of Skin
See everyone's extra scenes

Collect all images

Doors to Memory
See all ending movies

Historical Mind
Complete the Path of Genesis

The Girl's Future
See everyone's True Endings

Woman of Knowledge
Fill the Glossary

Guardian of Rebirth
Clear Lupin's route

Memories of Impey
Unlock all Impey images

Memories of Lupin
Unlock all Lupin images

Memories of Saint-Germain
Unlock all Saint-Germain images

Memories of the Journey
Unlock all non-character images

Memories of Van Helsing
Unlock all Van Helsing images

Memories of Victor
Unlock all Victor images

Start Van Helsing's route

Start Impey's route

For an Objective
Clear Chapter 3

Graceful Thief
Start Lupin's route

Honest Love
Clear Impey's route

Life-Threatening Talks
Clear Chapter 6

Clear Chapter 4

Start Victor's route

Steel London
Clear Chapter 1

Start Saint-Germain's route

The 666th Girl
Clear Chapter 8

The Gathering
Clear Chapter 2

The Great Sky Battle
Clear Chapter 7

The Miracle Begins
Clear the Prologue

The Vampire King
Clear Chapter 5

The World, With You
Clear Victor's route

Undying Love
Clear Saint-Germain's route

What He Chose
Clear Van Helsing's route