Project CARS 2 PlayStation Trophy List

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One More For The Road
Earned all other trophies

Cream Of The Crop
Won all Factory Drive events for 3 manufacturers

Hall of Fame
Earned four Lifetime Goals

Zero to Hero
Completed the Zero to Hero lifetime goal (start in Tier 6 and go on to win a Tier 1 Championship)

Completed a Championship in every Motorsport discipline within Career

Factory Driver
Completed the Factory Drives set of events for a single manufacturer

Jack Of All Trades
Won three Championships in three different Motorsport disciplines

National Pride
Finished on the podium 50 times in a single drivers Career

Rest On Your Laurels
Won your first Championship.

Seen It All
Earned your Veteran License

The Milk Man
Won a full distance (200 Laps) Indy 500 race

Triple Crown
Won the Indy 500, Le Mans 24 Hours and Azure Circuit Grand Prix

Twice At The Top
Won two different Tier 1 Motorsports

Earned your first Career Accolade

Advanced Experience
Completed an event in a Mercedes car at the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events Ice Track 2

All Year Round
Completed a race around a single circuit in all 4 seasons

Best Indy World
Became an Indycar Champion

Brand Advocate
Became a Brand Advocate for a manufacturer

Car Zero
Raced for 4 laps in the Lamborghini Veneno around Red Bull Ring GP

Definitely Not a Rookie
Earned your Pro-Am License

Done One Online
Completed your first online race

Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Successfully completed a Rallycross season

Gimme 50!
Earned 50 Accolades

Hunting For Grip
Drove a clean lap around Fuji in Storm conditions, in a time less than 2 minutes

I Want To Know Your Secret
Downloaded another players setup from within Time Trial.

I'm a Pro
Earned your Pro License

I'm Just Here To Watch
Joined an in-progress online race as a spectator

I'm Seasoned
Completed the first season

Invite Only
Unlocked your first Career Invitational Event

Manual All The Way
Completed a successful pit stop with manual control

May I Ask You Something
Used the Race Engineer in Tuning Setup and made changes based off their recommendation.

Mr Popular
Completed 10 Career Invitational Events

No Longer a Rookie
Earned your Amateur License

No Man's Fly
Did a Rallycross jump longer than 20 metres

One-Man Show
Used 3 different custom car setups for a single car

Raving Rookie
Earned your Rookie License

Results Are In, You're Clean!
Finished 1st in an online race over 5 laps without making contact

Safety First
Earnt a B Online Reputation Safety Grade.

Snap Snap Snap
Taken a photo in photo mode

Straight Six
Drove a Porsche 911 GT1-98 at 24 Hours of Le Mans Circuit for 24 minutes at 60x time progression.

Strategic Mind
Created a pit strategy and then used it when coming into the pits

The Director
Used the Director mode for a full race

This Is The Start
Created a new driver in Career and signed your first contract

Two Affinity And Beyond
Earned Affinity with two manufacturers

Viva Ferrari
Drove 4 Ferrari cars, around Imola

What's Yours Is Mine
Saved a car setup received from a friend

Winter Soldier
Drove a clean lap around the Nordschleife in the snow, in less than 8 minutes