Vostok Inc. PlayStation Trophy List

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The one percent
A piece of platinum money can't buy. Complete all special objectives.

Galactic profiteering
Have 1 Quadrillion Galactic production per second

Halfway there, living on a prayer
Complete 300 objectives

No One's Sky
Build something on every planet in the Galaxy

Champion of the galaxy
Annihilate the Architect

Complete the credit game
Beat Vostok 2084

Desk drone decruiting
Fill all middle manager cubicles, then flush them all out of the airlock while escaping in the pod

Build a total of 10000 extractors.

Great galactic turnout
Have 1 Trillion Galactic production per second

The dream team
Recruit all executives

This is going to be a long night
Complete 200 objectives

You're my gun star hero
Use all 19 weapons

100 down, how many more to go?
Complete 100 objectives

99 Red Balloons
Score 99 in Balloon Popper mini game

All the booty
Collect 20 loot crates

Corporate efficiency
Kill 5000 enemies

Final frontier
Fully explored Sol

Galactic revenue
Have 1 Billion Galactic production per second

Purchased all radar upgrades

Score at least 666 in Cave Chopper

I'd recognise this hungry horde anywhere
Kill 99 undead in a round of Zombie Combat

Fly through a sun

Into the abyss
Fully explored Voltimus

LVL 25 lieutenant
Reached lvl 25

Maximum drones
Have four drones circling you at once

Mix and match
Use 4 different weapons

Remix Vent's song set

My eyes! MY EYES!
Score at least 100 in Aquatic Attack

On a terrible Safari
Fully explored Casin

Play without a weapon equipped for 10 minutes

pew pew pew
Use 9 different weapons

Planet cracker
Destroy 10000 asteroids

Planetary referendum
Build 400 Government Offices across 10 planets

Punch it
Fully explored Galene

Fully upgrade a building

Ship upgrade elite
Purchased all ship upgrades

So I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday
Fill one room with middle managers

Someone's got a case of the Mondays
Lose 1 Trillion Moolah in one go on a Monday

Sunday trading master
Make a total of 1 Billion moolah on Sunday

Sunshine and rainbows
Fully explored Vent

Tapping tycoon
Build 100 buildings, one at a time, in under 50 seconds.

Turbo racer
Completed 10 races

Twelve parsecs? Pffft!
Fly each Luxury space yacht

Score 50 in Tapeworm mini game