MALICIOUS FALLEN PlayStation Trophy List

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One Who Purifies Malice
Defeated the Mantle of Malice on Normal Difficulty in under 5 minutes

One Who Has Returned from the Abyss
Cleared "Pursuit" in Story Mode

One Who Needs No Second Chances
Cleared Story Mode on Normal Difficulty without using a Continue

One Who Never Lost Themselves
Cleared "Demise" without ever using Forbidden Power

Performed a successful counterattack

Guard Master
Performed 7 Just Guards in a row

Performed a Chain of 200 or higher

One Who Has Denied Rebirth
Cleared "Rebirth" in Story Mode

One Who Has Evolved Further
Broke your own record in Online Mode

One Who Has Met Demise
Cleared "Demise" in Story Mode

One Who Has Slain
Cleared "The Slayer" in Story Mode

Defeated 1 boss