Ghost Blade HD PlayStation Trophy List

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Ghost Blade Master
Conquered all trophies.

Complete the game with 1 credit.

599 Combo
Reach a x599 combo in HARD mode.

Score Attack Champion
Got over 1,000,000,000 points in Score Attack.

Survival Beast
Survive 9 minutes with a no miss.

Completed Game Complete game with 2 players.

Air Battle
Destroy over 9 big sized ships during stage 3.

Blaster Master
Shoot 100 popcorn enemies until Stage 4.

Cannon Eater
Destroy all Turrets in Stage 3.

Crate Mania
Destroy 50 crates in Stage 1.

Survival instinct
Complete a stage without missing a ship.

Tank Wipe
Destroy all Tanks in Stage 2.

9 Continue
Unlocked Unlock the 9th Continue.

Airboss down
Defeat Stage 3 Boss.

Bomb Master
Drop 290 bombs.

Evil Shira down
Defeat Stage 5 Boss.

Extra Life
Collected Collect an Extra life.

Full Power
Reach full power level trough Power Ups.

Ghost Sortie
Play with Ghost ship.

Gold Keeper
Collect 15 Ground medals.

Gold Rush
Collect 2.000 Stage Stars.

Hall of Fame
Upload a score to the global leaderboard.

Clear the HARD mode difficulty.

Milan Sortie
Play with Milan ship.

Multiplayer Addict
Use 2 Player Mode.

Nice to see you again!
Played over 2 hours.

Clear the NORMAL mode difficulty.

Clear the game in NOVICE difficulty.

Play Hard
Play Hard Mode for the first time.

PR-2D down
Defeat Stage 4 Boss.

Reaktor down
Defeat Stage 2 Boss.

Rekka Sortie
Play with Rekka ship.

Score Attack!
Complete a Score Attack Run

Shakron down
Defeat Stage 1 Boss.

Tactical Bonus
Destroy Boss 1 Sidepods First.

Training Day
Play Training Mode.

Welcome to Ghost Blade HD!
Play the game for the first time.

You can do it!
Destroy all cannons of stage 5 Boss.