Road Rage PlayStation Trophy List

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Road Raged
Earned all trophies

Buy 5 bikes

Custom king
Buy 5 bike parts

Gold tooth
Spend more than 10000

It's over
Finish all story missions

Nice man
Hit 1000 pedestrians

One Man Army
Buy 5 weapons

Baby steps
Buy 3 bike parts

Kill the walkers
Hit 500 pedestrians

Maxed out
Complete upgrade a bike

Spend more
Spend more than 5000

Buy 3 weapons

Big spender
Spend more than 2000

Collect the Chitaly Collectable

Civil disobedience
Hit 50 pedestrians

Collect the Downtown Collectable

Evil knee
Finish a stunt mission

Collect the Farmlands Collectable

First place
Win your first circuit race

Collect the Forest Collectable

Found it
Finish a sprint mission

Hit a pedestrian

I didn't do it
Outsmarted the cops in escape

I love customs
Buy a bike part

I want more
Upgrade a bike

My first weapon
Buy a weapon

Nice ride
Buy a new bike

Pocket change
Spend your first money

Port Hamc
Collect the Port Hamc Collectable

Ruscago Airfield
Collect the Ruscago Airfield Collectable

Still here
Win your first eliminator race

Collect the Subtroit Collectable

Time is on my side
Finished a arcade mission

Time is ticking
Finished a time trail