Crimsonhead64's Yooka-Laylee PlayStation Trophies

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Collect every Trophy in Yooka-Laylee

From someone else's book
Collect all 145 Pagies

Had one's Quill
Collect all 1,010 Quills

Out of business
Defeat Capital B at the end of the game

Captain's Cache
Find all five of the pirate treasure items

Creep from the deep
Defeat the World 3 boss

Fits the Quill
Collect 500 Quills

Grabbed the ghouls
Collect every Ghost Writer in the Grand Tome worlds

Knocking down walls
Defeat the World 2 boss

Defeat the World 4 boss

Petty vandalism
Disrespect the Idol

Planetary Annihilation
Defeat the World 5 boss

Potion Commotion
Unlock 15 Tonics

Private Pillage
Find any one of the pirate treasure items

Secret Salvage
Find any three of the pirate treasure items

Slippery slope
Defeat the World 1 boss

Purchase all of Trowzer’s moves

Super Sized
Expand all five Grand Tome worlds

The Agie of Pagie
Collect 75 Pagies

Thinking Big
Expand three Grand Tome worlds

Bar star
Collect all 6 power extender items

Book spook
Collect your first Ghost Writer

Bottom's up
Unlock and equip a Tonic

Kartos returns
Complete one of Kartos’s minecart challenges

License to Quill
Collect your first 200 Quills

Open books
Unlock every Grand Tome world

Pagie Rampagie
Collect 30 Pagies

Complete one of Dr. Quack’s Quackfire Quizzes

Raising the bar
Collect all 6 health extender items

Size matters
Expand a Grand Tome world

Squid's in
Get transformed by Dr. Puzz for the first time

Sssserpent Ssssenpai
Purchase a move from Trowzer

The adventure begins
Unlock the first Grand Tome world

Turning a Pagie
Collect your first Pagie

What's a leaderboard?
Get the high score in one of Rextro's Arcade Games

When I'm 64
Successfully complete one of Rextro’s arcade games