Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny PlayStation Trophy List

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Blade of Destiny
All trophies unlocked!

Can't You Fight for Yourself?
Get a battle calculated by AI.

Lazy Bugger
Get 100 battles calculated by AI.

Axing for Battle?
Use the battle axe in a fight.

Contest a battle without killing someone.

Do I Look Like an Ork?
Attack a party member.

Escape from battle.

Win a battle with Armor Rate 0 on all party members.

Bleeding Hell!
Make a hero wear a cursed item.

20 overland journeys.

20 sea journeys.

Cave Explorer
Visit all dungeons in the main game.

Less then 3 Movement caused by overloading.

Tin Can
Get an Armor Rate of 10.

Chuck Alriks
Reach a Strength of 20.

One Rich Blacksmith
Get 3 weapons shattered.

Pick 25 locks.

The Glass is Half Full
Fail Carouse Check 10 times.

Sweetums of the Gods
Have 5 miracles granted by the gods.

Brew 10 poisons.

Summon 10 ghosts.

Summon 10 skeletons.

What's Behind This?
Find 5 secret doors.

Can You Eat This?
Hunt down 500 provisions.

Rich Like Stoerrebrandt
Save 250 ducats.

And the Carpet as a Gift...
Earn 50 ducats by bargaining.

O Sole Mio!
Earn 50 ducats by music-making in taverns.

You Need it More Than Me…
Give 25 ducats to the needy.

Feeling Generous
Donate 100 ducats in temples.

Poor as a Church Mouse
Spend your last penny.

Walk right into a trap.

Assign a hero for all 3 night watches.

Ban Beamer
Interrupt the rituals in the abandoned hostel.

Griffin Whisperer
Give the right answer to the Griffin's riddle.

Quack Doctor
Healing leads to illness.

As Good as New
Resurrect a hero.

How Did This Get in My Pocket?
Get caught at stealing and thrown out.

Get bitten by a rat within a dungeon.

Toast with Cheese Forever!
Find the cheese toast memorial.

The Savior of Thorwal
Save Thorwal from the Orks.

Brother of the Orks
Get Thorwal run down by the Orks.