SONIC FORCES PlayStation Trophy List

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A Sonic Hero
Earned every trophy.

Our Rings are Your Rings
Collected all Silver Moon Rings.

Sonic Battler
Collected all Wispons.

Up for Any Challenge
Completed all Challenge Missions.

Constant Connoisseur
Completed 10 Daily Missions.

Don't Lose Count
Collected all Number Rings.

Honor Roll
Achieved highest honors with all races.

Nameless Hero
Completed 10 SOS Missions.

Reach for the Red Stars
Collected all Red Star Rings.

Silver Moon Mania
Collected Silver Moon Rings three times.

Sonic and the Secret Stages
Cleared all Secret Stages.

Sonic EXtreme
Cleared all EX Stages.

Sonic Teaches Numbers
Collected Number Rings three times.

You Got Them All
Collected all parts.

A New Beginning
Created your second Avatar.

A New Story Begins
Cleared Stage 1.

Bonds of Friendship
Defeated Infinite.

Chaos Blast!
Collected all Number Rings in Episode Shadow.

Chaos Control!
Collected all Silver Moon Rings in Episode Shadow.

Chaos Spear!
Collected all Red Star Rings in Episode Shadow.

Courage in Hand
Drove off Infinite again.

Daily Devotee
Completed 5 Daily Missions.

Everyday Enthusiast
Completed 3 Daily Missions.

Fashion Unleashed
Collected 500 parts.

Defeated 1,000 enemies.

For the Future
Liberated a world.

Freedom Fighter
Completed 5 SOS Missions.

Defeated 10,000 enemies.

Global Allies
Utilized the Rental Avatar function.

Hooked on Wispons
Changed Wispons for the first time.

Turned the tide of the conflict.

Infinite Possibilities
Drove off Infinite.

Mean Egg Machine
Drove off Eggman.

On a Roll
Achieved a soldier's highest honor.

Collected 50 parts.

Ring Collector
Collected a total of 50,000 Rings. (All Rings held at the end of the stage will be counted.)

Ring Enthusiast
Collected a total of 10,000 Rings. (All Rings held at the end of the stage will be counted.)

Ring King
Collected a total of 100,000 Rings. (All Rings held at the end of the stage will be counted.)

Rivalry Begins
Made it into the rankings.

Running in Style
Used the Closet.

Saved the World
Restored peace to the world.

Sextuple Trouble
Defeated Zavok.

Sonic Blaster
Collected 10 Wispons.

Sonic Jammer
Collected 30 Wispons.

Style Hog
Collected 100 parts.

Super Sonic Rescue
Completed your first SOS Mission.

Defeated 5,000 enemies.

Way Past Cool
Equipped a part in every slot.

Your Own Story
Created an Avatar.