Nineparchments PlayStation Trophy List

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Gaudeamus Igitur
Collect all Trophies

Complete the game

The Gilded Cleaner
Complete Vandalism at the Academy in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Nim

The Gilded Hero
Complete Advanced Box Magic in Hardcore difficulty to unlock our Gilded Hero

Advanced Box Magic
Unlock a heroic playable character

Amadeus The Hero
Unlock Amadeus The Hero character variation

Bug Repellent
Defeat the Silk Tree Guard

Ruffling Feathers
Defeat Icebeak the Unkind

Serpent Hunt
Defeat the Reef Serpent

The Chimera's Cry
Defeat the Chimera of Rage

The Gilded Apprentice
Complete the game in Hardcore difficulty with any variation of Cornelius to unlock the Gilded Cornelius

The Gilded Fire-Wizard
Complete the Trial of Fire Quest in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Marvek

The Gilded Ice-Wizardess
Complete the Trial of Ice Quest in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Carabel

The Gilded Owl
Complete A Robotic Rescue Mission in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Owl

The Gilded Warlock
Complete A Midnight Summoning quest in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Rudolfus

The Gilded Witch
Complete A Stroll Through Meadows in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Gislan

The Hogmeister
Survive the Hogmart Arena

The Ice Age Survivor
Survive the Glacial Den

Who Ordered Shrimp Salad?
Defeat the Treasure Mantis

A Midnight Summoning
Unlock the playable character Rudolfus the Strange

A Robotic Rescue Mission
Unlock the playable character Owl

Amadeus The Box Magician
Unlock Amadeus The Box Magician character variation

Boreal Nim
Unlock the Boreal Nim character variation

Carabel of Eventide
Unlock the Carabel of Eventide character variation

Carabel the Rimy
Unlock Carabel the Rimy character variation

Cornelius the Cornflower
Unlock the Cornflower-Blue Cornelius character variation

Cornelius the Forester
Unlock the Spring Forest Green Cornelius character variation

November Nim
Unlock the November Nim character variation

Rudolfus the Moonstruck
Unlock Rudolfus the Moonstruck character variation

The Autumn Witch
Unlock Gislan the Autumn Witch character variation

The Copper Owl
Unlock the Copper Owl character variation

The Emberlighter
Unlock the Emberlighter Marvek character variation

The Exchange Student
Unlock Gislan the Exchange Student character variation

The Feline Warlock
Unlock Rudolfus the Feline Warlock character variation

The Searing Senior
Unlock the Searing Senior Marvek character variation

The Trial of Fire
Unlock the playable character Marvek the Torrid

The Trial of Ice
Unlock the playable character Carabel the Glacial

The Wolfram Owl
Unlock the Wolfram Owl character variation

Vandalism at the Academy
Unlock the playable character Nim the Cleaner