Troll and I PlayStation Trophy List

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Troll and I™
All trophies acquired. Friends for life!

Abilities Master
Collect all Troll idols and max out ability points

Almost Home
Defeated Nico and his men

Destroy the Sirens
Destroy all hunter sirens

History Reader
Collect all diary Entries

Just Add Rocks
Close all fractures

Skills Master
Collect all Otto idols and max out skill points

Complete the game in co-op mode

Comes Crashing Down
Drop the aeroplane in the crash scene

Free the prisoner

Giant Killer
Defeat the Ahky boss

Intermediate Combatant
Kill 30 enemies

Master Combatant
Kill 60 enemies

Push on Through
Complete the mineral mine scene

Through the Barricade
Complete the collapsed bridge scene

Open the troll door and enter the caves

Discover the hide ability

Better Together
Complete the crash scene in co-op mode

Craft a melee weapon

Defend Together
Kill 10 scavengers using spears whilst on Troll's back

Use an explosive spear

Hunted Hunters
Defend against a troll hunter

Hunter Gatherer
Collect 10 health plants

Magical Mystery
Use a power stone

Proven Combatant
Kill an enemy

Proven Hunter
Hunt and skin a boar

The Plot Thickens
A dying hunter tells his story