Deer God PlayStation Trophy List

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Finish the game with all trophies

Deer Boss
Beat all bosses

Eagle Eye
Kill the eagle

Powers that be
Acquire all powers

Collect all relics

Survive for 50 days

1 Upper
Find 10 deer heads

Blessed Soul
Get full light karma bar

Choose Elder
Finished the game and became an Elder

Choose Human
Finished the game and became a human

Family Man
Raise 5 babies

Fox Fire
Kill 5 foxes with fire

Goodie Two Shoes
Don't kill any creatures for 15 days

Hungry Jack
Eat 100 plants in one game

Long John Silver
Run for 50,000 meters

Serial Killer
Get full dark karma bar

Tortoise Master
Ride a tortoise through spikes

Treasure Hunter
Find 10 treasure boxes

All Grown Up
Become an adult

Cow Tipper
Kill 10 cows

Egg Collector
Collect 25 eggs

Hatch 3 falcons

Farmer Joe
Find 10 turnips

Eat 25 mushrooms

Jack of all Trades
Use 3 items at the same time

Kill 10 deer

Put em on Ice
Freeze 5 hunters

Become 3 different animals

Stinky Feet
Collect 10 skunk cabbages

Train Rider
Ride a train