greenwave711's STEINS;GATE 0 PlayStation Trophies

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To the Promised Place
100% Completed Steins;Gate 0.

100% CG Unlocked
Saw all CG.

Enki the All-Knowing
Saw all TIPS.

Milky-way Crossing
Cleared “Milky-way Crossing”.

Promised Rinascimento
Cleared “Promised Rinascimento”.

Vega and Altair
Cleared “Vega and Altair”.

75% CG Unlocked
Saw 75% of CG.

A Stray Sheep
Cleared “A Stray Sheep”.

Antinomic Dual
Cleared “Anitomic Dual”.

Closed Epigraph
Cleared “Closed Epigraph”.

Gehenna's Stigma.
Cleared “Gehenna's Stigma”.

Missing Link
Cleared “Missing Link”.

Pandora's Box
Cleared “Pandora's Box”.

Presage or Recognize
Cleared “Presage or Recognize”.

Recursive Mother Goose
Cleared “Recursive Mother Goose”.

The Orbital Eclipse
Cleared “The Orbital Eclipse”.

Twin Automata
Cleared “Twin Automata”.

X-Day Protocol
Cleared “X-Day Protocol”.

25% CG Unlocked
Saw 25% of CG.

50% CG Unlocked
Saw 50% of CG.

Message of Oblivion Renvoir
Read and ignored a message.

Open the NewGate
Began Steins;Gate 0.

Resonating Reaction Renvoir
Answered a message from someone.

Those Who Seek Art
Opened CG Library.

Those Who Seek History
Opened Clear List.

Those Who Seek Movement
Opened Movie Library.

Those Who Seek Sound
Opened Sound Library.