Loot Rascals PlayStation Trophy List

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I am Cool with a Capital C
Unlock all the other trophies

Fashion Parade
Achieve 100% journal completion

I Can't Bring The Time Back
Beat a whole world using the Chronoflage

The Time Machine
Escape within 600 turns

Thousands Of Years Of Progress
Complete all the quests in one playthrough

See all the unique cards

Watch Your Step
Beat a world without taking damage

You Gotta Run
Escape within 30 minutes

A Long Line Of People
Kill 6 enemies at once with plasma

Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb
Kill 4 enemies with a bomb

Everything's Odd
Reach The Last World

I Killed The Neighbours
Beat The Thing Below

I Only Like The Monsters
Kill one of every enemy

I'm Waiting For You
Trap yourself with an ice block

Rock And Roll Invoice
Use the healing machine 4 times in one game

Funny Times
Reach World 3

How Did You Manage To Get Inside My Head?
Meet The Thing Below for the first time

Just For The Taste Of It
Set a practice deck for each world

Start Of The Century
Reach World 2