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My Name is Mayo!
Unlock all the trophies!

A Mime?
In the end... (Hit this 50 times)

Elephant fun times!
Feline Ketchup. (Hit this 500 times)

What do we do now?
Unlock all the rewards!

*The Crow movie pun*
Hit 8000 times!

20th century diet
Hit 350 times!

Balls of yarn
Amazing Story (150 hits)

Cool whip is sexy. (Hit this 200 times)

Best Seller
It's not a phase, it's who I am! (Hit this 10 times)

Blonde bombshell!
Zzz... (Hit this 150 times)

Catch my cold!
Slap that cheese! (Hit this 250 times)

Starchy fashion. (Hit this 200 times)

Cheesy Rap
Drop the bombshell! (Hit this 50 times)

Wear the bikini. (Hit this 50 times)

Hit 700 times!

Crème a la Mayo
Tap it wild and free. (Hit this 125 times)

Like that old time Rock and Roll! (Hit this 50 times)

Glam Rock
Follow in his footsteps. (Hit this 100 times)

Go eat cake
Hit 500 times!

I am Mayonnaise!
Talking about life. (10 hits, follow the life)

I'm just a mayo.
Flipped. (Hit this 500 times)

Identity issues...
Old fashioned and boring. (Hit this 200 times)

Just kidding...
The Box of Love. (10 hits, follow the life)

Knee record
Hit 3000 times!

Micro downsizing
Hit 200 times!

Just kidding... (10 hits, follow the life)

Move. (10 hits, follow the life)

No brainer
Hit 20 times!

Nosey Caesar
Hit 550 times!

Daddy issues. (Hit this 100 times)

Part of life
Muscles. (10 hits, follow the life)

Part of life. (10 hits, follow the life)

Banana? (Hit this 300 times)

Spin the yarn. (Hit this 50 times)

Red Bikini!
This will cheer you up! (Hit Mayo 75 times)

Red Cheetah
Red Mayonnaise. (Hit this 300 times)

Rock Star!
Young soul. (Hit this 10 times)

Drink coffee. (Hit this 150 times)

Short timer
Hit 1500 times!

Something important
A Story About Life. (120 hits)

While my guitar gently weeps. (Hit this 300 times)

Talking about life
Philosophy. (10 hits, follow the life)

The Box of Love
Something important. (10 hits, follow the life)

Keep wearing the leopard (Hit this 100 times)

Trimmed hearts
Hit 50 times!

Screw that. (Hit this 300 times)

Hit 5000 times!

You can see the hits!
Hit the Mayo 5 times!

Young Boy
I am Mayonnaise (90 hits)

Furry Rain. (Hit this 100 times)