Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn PlayStation Trophy List

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(500) Little Pricks
Shoot 500 spines while being Shaqtus

Anger Mismanagement I
Smash 50 destroyable objects

Anger Mismanagement II
Smash 150 destroyable objects

Any 10-year-old could do this
Take out 1000 any enemies

Brown Out
Defeat Frizzle

Cha Ching
Collect 5 Icy Hots

Counter a-Shaq
Perform 150 counter-attacks

Deader Than His Own Career
Defeat Benedict Fender

Gas Guzzler
Finish Shaq Diesel event for the 1st time

Here Comes the Lawsuit
Defeat Arthur O'Diele

Mechanized Mayhem
Take out 600 enemies while being Diesel

One Less Lonely Digger
Take out 200 enemies using loader

Over the Shoulder Boulder Roller I
Take out 300 enemies using boulders

Over the Shoulder Boulder Roller II
Take out 600 enemies using boulders

Plundered The Booty
Defeat Kandy

Pole Dancer
Take out 500 enemies using any melee weapon

Take out 300 enemies using barrels

So Much For Kabbalah
Defeat Yen-Lo-Wang

The Juice Is Loose
Perform Shaq Wave for the 1st time