Vikings: Wolves of Midgard PlayStation Trophy List

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Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

Son of Odin
Complete Game+.

Ultimate Challenger!
Complete all Challenges on all maps.

Valhalla Champion
Accomplish campaign in Valhalla Mode on highest difficulty.

Follower of Loki
Unlock all Gifts in Loki's gift tree.

Follower of Odin
Unlock all Gifts in Odin's gift tree.

Follower of Skathi
Unlock all Gifts in Skathi's gift tree.

Follower of Thor
Unlock all Gifts in Thor's gift tree.

Follower of Tyr
Unlock all Gifts in Tyr's gift tree.

Gotta Find 'Em All
Find all Artifacts.

Jotun's Bane
Kill 100 Jotun.

Complete the game as the Shieldmaiden.

Complete the game as the Warrior.

Ringer of Runes
Collect one of every rune.

True Viking
Complete the game on the highest difficulty.

Valhalla Mode
Accomplish campaign in Valhalla Mode

Winter Hunter
All Hunt maps complete.

Baker's Dozen
Perform 1000 rolls.

Rage continuously for over 20 seconds.

Bloody Viking
Earn 1,000,000 Blood.

Crowd Clearer
Kill four foes in a single attack.

Dawn of Winter
Complete Campaign 1.

Distant Shores
Complete Campaign 3.

Gold Standard Trader
Earn 50,000 gold by selling resources.

Complete any Hunt map.

Imp Hunter
Complete the Imp Hunt.

Jokul Challenger
Defeat the Jokul.

Liberator of Flotnar
Liberate Flotnar village.

Lord of the Ring
Keep Draupnir for yourself.

Master Shipwright
Unlock level 4 of the Shipmaster.

Master Smith
Unlock level 5 of the Smithy.

Metal Mayhem
Survive the Mire-Witch's spell.

Otherworld Traveler
Travel to Utgard.

Pyro Ploy!
Burn the Imperial Fleet.

Ragnar Lodbrok
Become chieftain of all the clans.

Rise of the Wolves
Complete Campaign 2.

Rune Bound
Equip three runes on a single item.

Killed 500 Tomte.

Ulfung Savior!
Defend Ulfung Village.