Sir Eatsalot PlayStation Trophy List

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Defender of Gluttington
Achieve all other trophies

A Peon?
Talk to the chocolate golem who just wants to work

Gluttington, propaganda-free at last
Tear down every poster in Gluttington

Now What - Sir Eatsalot 2?
Save the kingdom

Sticker God
Collect every sticker

A Purple-ish Black
Defeat the Black Knight

Bigger, Better, Smarter (Back in My Day...)
Find the prehistoric woolcow

Caramel Cleanse
Get caramel water

Cherry Picker
Eat the cherries at the exploding bridge on Mount Creme in one go.

Knightly Virtues
Complete every main task

Small Clown, Big Clown
Defeat Enormo the Clown

Sticker Fanatic
Collect fifteen stickers

Those are MY Cocoa Lentils!
Transport cocoa lentils in a melon cart without any damage

Who Doesn't Love Yarn Balls?
Find the white catowl

A Lever per Day Keeps the Sorrows Away
Bring the lost lever to Alpha the digling

Ace Sticker Collector
Collect ten stickers

Aspiring Sticker Collector
Collect your first sticker

Bagels All the Way!
Allow a certain two sprouties to hoard bagels

Cocoa Lentil Delivery Service
Supply Culinaria with the requisite cocoa lentils

Forest Master
Help the broccoli stag rescue sprouties

Full Sails Ahead!
Get the SV Walnut

Hearty Food for Yearning Hearts
Eat your first drumstick

If It Don't Fit...
Repair the demolished bridge

Jousting in Five!
Get a jousting certificate from the Black Knight

Let the Sun Shine in!
Learn to use carrot lights

No Power to Sorcery
Tear down Hysterica's poster on Nibble Trail

No Power to Sorcery II
Tear down Hysterica's poster in Broccoli Grove

No Power to Sorcery III
Tear down Hysterica's poster on the path to the Creampuff Mountains

No Power to Sorcery IV
Tear down Hysterica's poster on Mount Creme

No Power to Sorcery V
Tear down Hysterica's poster in Chocogrotto

No Power to Sorcery VI
Tear down Hysterica's poster in Culinaria

No Power to Sorcery VII
Tear down Hysterica's poster on the Isotonic Waters

No Power to Sorcery VIII
Tear down Hysterica's poster in her hideout

Pass No. A38
Gain access to High Administrator Kyarameru

Polly Want a Cracker? Nah.
Save the roly polly from cheese

Professional Sticker Collector
Collect five stickers

Raccoon in Distress
Rescue the woolcow rancher

Raiders of the Lost Sister
Find Luna in the snow

Say "Cheese"
Free yourself from the cheese

Sweets for Stamina
Eat your first donut

Yes, we actually use the rear touch pad
Lower the drawbridge on the woolcow ranch