Marvel Heroes PlayStation Trophy List

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The Beyonder
Collected all other Marvel Heroes Omega trophies.

Trouble at the Raft
Defeat Green Goblin in the Prologue.

Cleaning Up the Kitchen
Defeat Doctor Octopus in Chapter 1

Pursuing the Hood
Defeat The Hood in Chapter 2.

Meet in Madripoor
Defeat Elektra in Chapter 3.

Topple the Kingpin
Defeat The Kingpin in Chapter 4.

Purification Crusade
Defeat Juggernaut in Chapter 5.

Stryker Under Siege
Defeat Magneto in Chapter 6.

Savage Safari
Defeat Mister Sinister in Chapter 7.

A Doomed World
Defeat Doctor Doom in Chapter 8.

Throne of Deceit
Complete Chapter 9 in Story Mode.

Loot 1,000,000 Credits.

Find and Defeat a Cosmic Doop.

Mobile Command Center
Visit Six Different Headquarters.

Targeted Frustration
Defeat a Training Room Target Dummy.

Special Ops
Complete 14 Different Operations.

Part-Time Hero
Rescue 100 civilians in Midtown Patrol.

Super Hero
Reach level 60 with any hero.

Treasure Hunting
Explore all of the Treasure Rooms in each chapter of Story Missions.

The Vault
Loot 100 Artifacts.

Living Legend
Complete 50 Legendary Quests.

Mark II
Apply a Modification to an Artifact.

Hero For Hire
Open 50 Bounty Chests in Operations.

If They Be Worthy...
Complete the Super Heroic Trial with any hero.

Next Level Crafting
Level any vendor to level 10.

Myth No More
Fully upgrade a Legendary Item.

Rounding Up Relics
Collect any 100 Relics of the same type.

Cleaning Up The Streets
Defeat 150 Super Villains in Midtown Manhattan.

Going for Gold
Loot a Cosmic Medallion.

High Noon
Defeat 7 Different Super Villains in their Showdowns.

All In A Day's Work
Complete 24 different Special Events in Story Mode.

Back to Basics
Prestige any Hero.

Strongest One There Is
Complete the Cosmic Trial with any hero.

There and Back Again
Prestige any Hero twice.

Super Team
Get Five Heroes to Level 60.

Sinister Six Shutdown
Defeat 10 different members of the Sinister Six.

Shock to the System
Alone, defeat Shocker in under 50 seconds upon entering the Abandoned Subway Operation.